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Knights and their ladies of this Holy order shall be seen as people of Proven Character, called into knighthood ministry for the defence and furtherance of the Gospel or our Lord anywhere, anytime using God’s given endowed means.



  1. As people saved and called to serve shall pay allegiance first to Christ, secondly to the church/the Diocese and the Diocesan that has bestowed on them this means of grace as God’s commissaries and faithful soldiers of the cross.

  2. We are a spiritual organization (holy order) not a social gathering like Rotary club, not a cult, whose activities are Bible based and daily living out the Bible’s teachings.

  3. We are bearers of the light of the Gospel in religions, social, economic, political and all strata of life. By this we seek to make Him known in all places and palaces.

  4. We offer selfless and humanitarian services in the society as we routinely offer support like empowerment to the widows and bursary awards to the indigent students within our faith community.

  5. We assist other functionaries of the church as support base, to achieve the common goal of spreading the Gospel of Christ through all evangelical activities like crusades, social responses, and numerous services.

  6. We strengthen the faith of the knights and ladies of this holy order through our yearly retreat to refresh and reload for the noble task of our calling.

  7. We also hold fellowship with the parishes within the Diocese and partnership with the churches to meet obvious and genuine needs in the church.

  8. We shall serve as God’s emissaries and also the eyes of the Bishop in the Diocese.

  9. In collegial, we shall extend warm hand of fellowship to other knights and ladies within our communion.

  10. We hold yearly luncheon, a platform for fund development to meet our increasing humanitarian services

  11. We seek to portray knighthood as a call to duty and not a reward for services. Only God can offer a lasting reward.

  12. We shall offer ourselves labouring for His services, die empty so that long after we have left posterity will chant our praise saying, ‘You were once here’. This is our thrust.

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