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Diocesan Education Board

The Diocesan Education Board is charged primarily with providing governance and leadership for the Diocesan schools: Bishop Crowther Memorial Secondary School (BCMSS), Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ School (ACMGS) and Word of Faith Group of Schools (WFGS), as well as schools owned and run by Parishes in the Diocese.

More specifically, the Board is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • to improve the standards of the existing Diocesan schools to make them schools of first-choice for Parents, Staff and Students in this region,

  • to work towards obtaining external accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and others,

  • to manage, control, supervise and set standards for all Diocesan schools.

  • to provide leadership in all areas of administration, (including staff recruitment, discipline and dismissal).


The Education Board is structured into 7 Committees to facilitate its work – the Human Resources & Welfare, Projects, Finance, Inspection, Spirituality, HSE & Security and Academics Committees:


  • The HR Committee is responsible for recruitment/selection of staff and formulating policies for the schools. The Committee also looks after Welfare matters affecting the Schools and the Board.


  • The Projects Committee supports the three Diocesan schools in the planning, execution and monitoring of their projects.


  • The Finance Committee oversees the preparation and approval of the Annual Budgets for the Schools, as well as monitoring and regulating expenditure in line with approved budgets


  • The Inspection Committee monitors, inspects and supervises both the Diocesan and Parish Schools.


  • The Spirituality Committee handles matters of Religion and Worship, ensuring the learning of appropriate Christian (Anglican) doctrines and practices in everyday life of the Schools.


  • The HSE/Security Committee addresses matters concerning the Health, Safety and Security of the Staff and students as well as environmental hygiene and protection.


  • The Academics Committee is responsible for all matters relating to  teaching and learning, the curriculum and examinations.


Governing Councils have also been established for each of the schools to ensure closer and more efficient governance and support. 

The Governing Councils are made up of a Chairman, who is a member of the Education Board, the School Principal, School Chaplain, Alumni and PTA representatives and a representative of the host community.

Chairman, Evo Education Board
Sir Engr. Victor O. Dania
Education Board Member - 2016-2022.jpeg


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