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The Greek word, Politeas translated commonwealth, means citizenship or right of a citizen and in the sense that the government of Ancient Israel is theocratic, it is a Divine Commonwealth.

We recall that the British Commonwealth of Nations is made up of independent nations that were formerly ruled by Britain. Though these nations are now free and independent, they have in common the British culture and language which provides a bond for unity, interaction and mutual respect.
Evidently Divine Commonwealth is the association of the people of God, circumcised or uncircumcised in the flesh, bond or free, men or women (Galatians 6:15); but whose sins have been washed and souls saved by faith in the salvific work of Christ on the Cross (Colosians 1:21-23). In the Divine Commonwealth Christ Himself is the Head, heaven is what bonds members in a united focus whilst Faith in Christ Jesus and the washing away of their sins are the basis for membership.
At this maiden edition of the conference which henceforth is expected to be annual Spiritual impartation Christian Convention for believers, there will be Exposition on various sub-themes and seminars in the mornings with the evenings being devoted to revival services. Speakers and Great servants of God from all over the world will be ministering.
I look forward to seeing you at the conference. Meantime remain richly blessed and honoured by God.

+Henry Chukwudum Ndukuba, MA, BD, MA(Ed)
Primate of All Nigeria & Conference convener.

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