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  • To Offer pastoral assistant services to the local church and beyond

  • To promote teaching and preaching of the gospel through crusades, evangelism and writing of devotional materials.

  • To offer training and spiritual development of members

  • To offer welfare support to members

  • To promote mission and church planting within the diocese of Evo


The Lay Readers Association is a group of licensed men and women, who are commissioned by the Diocesan Bishop to preach, teach and promote the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in our local churches within the Diocese of Evo and its Environments.

We have been carrying out these functions to the glory of God in our local churches and beyond as contained in our Mission/Vision Statement.

In the area of Evangelism/Crusade, the Lay Reader’s association did perfectly well during this physical year. Three major crusades were scheduled and executed.


Our business meetings were also held as it is specified in the harmonization of last year, including other activities.

We are quite optimistic that all our proposals for 2017 will be executed as planned.


Sir. P.M Chukwumati



Rev'd Canon Ahamefule Olluor


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