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Guild of stewards working under the help of the Holy Spirit promotes a healthy spirited atmosphere for worship in congregational and individual relationship with God.



We exist to provide in the church an enabling environment of order, decency, courtesy and decorum for spiritual worship and development. And to provide accurate data and statistics for strategic planning and management of the church.



The membership into the Diocesan Guild of Stewards include all vergers, peoples and pastors wardens and all ushers and other church wardens.



  1. The Diocesan guild of stewards as an organized and disciplined unit mobilizes her members and actively participates in all Diocesan and local church programs and activities to promote and orderly, decent and friendly environment of worship blending with spiritual decorum.

  2. Provide accurate statistics and data for all programs and activities for strategic planning and management of the Church.

  3. We organize periodic training and capacity building programmes for members through seminars, workshops, prayer and fasting retreats and night vigils for proficiency and result oriented service delivery.

  4. For avoidance of doubts and ambiguity in service, the Steward Guild both in the Diocesan and Local Church services are distinguished through their uniforms.



God is a God of order; He dwells in the Tabernacle of decency (Holiness) which must characterize our life and worship. He gives his instructions concerning His tabernacle and its worship life. This tabernacle is the sanctuary, a place set apart for the Lord to dwell among and meet with His people. Therefore the historical, spiritual and typological significance of the tabernacle must be based on what the Bible says about it. It is consequently our duty and responsibility as guild of stewards to promote and provide where necessary this environment for God and His people.



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