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The Vision of forming this council is born out of the deep yearning of the Lord Bishop in the year 2009 during the First session of the First synod, the Rt. Rev. Innocent U. Ordu, JP, to raise godly and committed leaders in our diocese through trainings and re-training of members.

We have continued to seek ways of enhancing the spiritual and intellectual capacity of our Clergy, their wives and other categories of Diocesan Ministers.



The Directorate organizes, mobilizes, and registers participants for the following programs:

  1. Training for Diocesan Clergy School once a quarter.

  2. Training for Diocesan Clergy and Church Teachers wives school.

  3. Training for Diocesan church teachers’ school: We handle a special monthly training for all church teachers and local helpers to enhance their performance on the job of pastoring in their respective stations.

  4. Training for Diocesan Lay readers.

  5. Training for Diocesan Parish Clerks and other office staff.

  6. Trainings for Diocesan and Parish clerks and other office staff.

  7. Trainings for Drivers/Sextons/Yardmen.

  8. Post Vestry Meeting/Leadership Training.

  9. The Bishop/Archdeacons and Wives retreat.

  10. Diocesan Women’s training programmes.

  11. We organise and represent the Diocese in Provincial and National and any other outside Diocesan trainings/seminars and conferences.

  12. Any other duty as may be assigned to us by the Lord Bishop.


The Directors of the Council are

Sir Victor Dania

Rev. Canon Joseph Ofoegbu

Ven. Chris Chike Chukwumati

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