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Practically fulfilling the great commission



To encourage people to passionately carry out missions and evangelism through giving, praying and directly participating in soul winning, so as to create a heaven focused Diocesan community.


Terms of Reference:

  • We implement the vision and policies of the Bishop/Diocesan Board on Missions and Evangelism.

  • Create awareness, organize Diocesan crusades and outreaches, and mobilize the entire Diocese regularly for the purpose of winning and bringing more souls into the kingdom of God through our churches.

  • We map out and plant more churches in areas within the Diocese where none exists.

  • Carry out routine training programmes, seminars for all in missions and evangelism across the Diocese.

  • We engage in cross cultural, local, national and international mission outreaches and raising persons for short term mission work beyond the shores of the Diocese of Evo as the Bishop may direct.

  • We provide support to parishes and stations within the Diocese in their evangelical outreaches as the need arises.

  • We produce printed materials like gospel tracks for purposes of evangelism in partnership with the chaplaincy for Sunday school, Discipleship, literature and publications.

  • We present quarterly reports to the Bishop and the Diocesan Board and annual report to the Synod on missions and evangelism activities in the Diocese.

  • We carry out any other assigned role(s) by the Bishop/

  • We run the school of missions and Evangelism where individuals with definite calling to serve God will get detailed training that will give their ministry a focus and divine approval.

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